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B & B Rome Circo Massimo

The Circo Massimo is the largest stadium in ancient Rome, located in the heart of the city, where in the past it was famous for chariot races with horses. But it was also the seat for trading with other people, was a place of religious events and socializing as well as games. Today, this beautiful green area is a gathering place for the Roman’s fitness enthusiasts and those who want to take a walk in the green pine in the center of the city. For tourists who come to Rome to book a B & B near the Circo Massimo means to stay in the historic center of Rome in a green and relaxing area with all the major monuments of ancient Rome nearby to visit, in fact, Circo Masimo is located within archeological area traversed by lots of public transportations to easily reach the main places of historical and architectural interest. Today, the Circo Massimo is also home to events such as concerts and big shows. In fact, booking right now at a B & B near the Circo Massimo to witness the historic concert of the Rolling Stones to be held in Rome in June to celebrate their 50-year career.



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