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Vacation Rentals in Rome center offers

To feel the history and step-into Roman life, one can stay in vacation rentals in Rome with special offers and affordable prices just a few steps from the steps of Piazza di Spagna where one can enjoy a delicious ice cream made ​​by the locals of Rome or have a drink in the famous Cafe greco in Via Condotti. Take the advantage by choosing a holiday home in the center to be able to stay even for long periods with all the family and have time to explore the historical wonders of this eternal city where poets, painters, musicians and actors have lived and left their marks. Also for children there are entertainments in the parks like the Villa Borghese’s "Casa dei Piccoli" and the open-air theater with puppets all immersed in the greenery of the park where the kids can run around having fun, playing non-stop and go throughout the villa with the panoramic train. Younger ones can also take a ride on a pony, while for older kids and parents to discover the wonders of the Borghese Museum inside the villa. For shopaholics leaving the villa and walk down the steps of Piazza di Spagna arriving in Via Condotti where to be found the luxury of Italian haute couture and international boutiques.


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