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Holidays in Rome near the Spanish Steps

Rome, city of art par excellence shines in the autumn months, when temperatures are mild characterize the "Ottobrate Romane", whose name derives from the ancient traditions of outings that took place in October characterized by the temperate climate of Rome. Take advantage of this period to book a holiday in Rome near Piazza di Spagna with friends for a few days, for walking outdoors through the central streets of the city and admire unique monuments that made Rome the Eternal City. Come and visit one of the most famous squares of the city: Piazza di Spagna where it dominates the stairway of Trinità dei Monti in all its grandeur to the church above with two famous steeples. At the foot of the stairs is the fountain of the "Four Rivers" designed by the father, Bernini with the help of the son Gian Lorenzo, like a bath with oval inside a boat slightly below the street level due to the low pressure of 'aqueduct. Completed in 1629, it was the first time that a fountain was conceived entirely as a sculptural work, not like from the classical bathtubs with geometric shape. Staying for a holiday in Rome near the Piazza di Spagna means living in the heart of the city.


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