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Last second B & B Rome center for October

October is definitely one of the favorite months to visit Rome by tourists due to its temperate climate and the days still full of sunlight. Seize right-away a last second B & B Rome center in October for a stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and give youselves a few relaxing days in the capital. This period offers many opportunities to visitors of movie fans, as this will be the Rome Film Festival October 16 to 25 will be held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, where the competition film will be screened, while in the historic center in via Veneto is home to the Mercato Internazionale del Film di Roma. October is the month that also the begin numbers of art exhibitions, such as Escher, the Dutch graphic artist and engraver in his paintings that distorts the principles of geometry and dimensions. And yet the show that has captured the attention of more than 40 million visitors in the world, returns to Rome for the second time, "Body Worlds" which exposes the human body as it has never been done, making it accessible to the general public a series information about the medicine and anatomy that otherwise would be relegated only to the scientific field, a direct way to disseminate and educate on issues of health, wellness, proper nutrition. So, book immediately a Last second B & B Rome center in October.


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