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Inn Rome

In the Capital, just out from our Tolentino Inn Rome, walking  through via veneto with it's best known " Bar de Paris",  actors from all the world have come and gone , photographers "paparazzi" and directors of the sweet life in 60 years, including the Italian Fellini  that is devoted 'the square near  the ancient walls of Porta Pinciana.
At the end of via Veneto, there is the beautiful and magnificent Villa Borghese where it's possible riding a bike getting in touch with nature and it's a wanderful plase in the city center where it's possible relaxing and getting to the Pincio Square and admire a breathtaking view, watching domes of a thousand years , architecture of historic buildings, creating a timeless atmosphere that showsthat Rome is truly "caput mundi".
continuing  walking, just a few minutes from our Tolentino Inn, walking down the Spanish Steps and after a beautiful visit  in the SS trinità dei monti  Church , you get in the most elegant shopping street in Rome, via dei Condotti.
here you can find ancent jewelry like Bulgari and Cartier, and the most famous botique like Armani, Gucci , Missoni, Ferragamo and Max Mara where the "made in Italy and the high fashion continues to fascinate for it's simplicity and elegance.
At the center of the Via Condotti,just  a few steps from our Tolentino Inn , you can enjoy a coffee at the historic Greek Cafe, where followed over time painters, poets and artists who are part of the cultural heritage of this city.
Leaving the front door of our  Tolentino Inn you can see Piazza Barberini, where there is the famous Triton Fountain by Bernini, and in just 5 minutes walking you can also go down to the beautiful Trevi Fountain, where legend tells that every tourist must throw a small coin into the fountain and you return once again in Rome.
At this point, walking just 10 minutes from our Tolentino Inn Rome it's possible to reach the Pantheon, the temple where there are  buried the most famous and important figures in history.
The square of  Pantheon is full of restaurants where you can taste the traditional Roman cuisine and wines, but also international delicacies, considering that many ethnic groups have been integrated in the city since the time of the ancient Romans.


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