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Boutique hotel rome

Rome: capital of Italy, capital of History, Art and also the capital of Fashion. In fact there are numerous social events and fashion  located in the beautiful center of the Eternal City, one of the most beautiful monuments in the history of Italy, in addition to numerous workshops and many boutiques chose Rome as their home, filling the center veritable historical art exhibitions of the finest leaders.
Since the days of Coco Chanel and the Fontana Sisters, the streets of the city, including the Spanish Steps, Via Condotti, Via del Corso and many others, have lived through the birth of fashion shows of boutiques from the largest fashion houses of Europe and the world.
All this has led to steady growth in visits by travelers interested in the sector, as already mentioned, for the fashion houses who have their exhibitions in the city center, and for the many events that the insiders arranged to promote its products in the world.
Tolentino Suites Rome, is mounted perfectly in this context,  providing their travelers luxurius and comfortable spaces, just few steps away from "shopping streets" in the Italian capital. Hotel with panoramic views, luxury suites equipped with all amenities, within walking distance of most major fashion boutiques of downtown, so it's impossible to miss a moment of all events.
In short,it's  the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a leisurely stay in one of the most important places in the world of fashion, without losing sight of luxury, relaxation and comfort. All this in our boutiques hotel Rome.


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