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Inn Pantheon Rome

Among the most luxurious Inn Pantheon in Rome , Tolentino  is a strategic location, being situated a short walk from the famous Pantheon, ancient rome building erected in honor of the Olympian deities, the Tolentino inn is a great place to stay, being a good starting point for visiting the wonders of the Eternal City.The Pantheon in fact, holds a large number of primates, from architecture to the conservation status to the size of its dome, as "michelangelo" said the Pantheon is was made by angels and by men.
Inside the Tolentino Inn you can also ask for any guides , or start your visit from the pantheon, without taking public transportation becose is very close, but simply taking a pleasant walk. And after walking and visited the Pantheon, you can enjoy the wonderful Roman cuisine, in the best restaurants nearby. Tolentino  inn has hosted a large number of visitors, parties from all over the world to visit the Pantheon, and is considered one of the best inn at pantheon in Rome.


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