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Accommodation Colosseum Rome

For anyone who wants to visit the Colosseum, it's a must to choose an Accommodation Colosseum Rome , situated nearby, seen the recent news about him.
Many other areas were opened to the public, it usually  takesone day to visit him in all its details.
It's 'allowed  to observe for the first time those parts of the Colosseum that had never been accessible, even for Roman residents, such as underground, that in the Roman times housed exhibitions, and where people were waiting the gladiators (or their remains at the end of the games) and the third floor,that before was closed offers a breathtaking view of the city.
So choose  the Tolentino,  among the many Accommodation Colosseum Rome , it's a good choice of being close to the more 'important monuments of old Rome.
The staff of Tolentino, will be able to offer you advices on what is really important to visit, depending on the time available to explore Rome.




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