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Accommodation Pantheon Rome

Another monument that is a must  for those who spend their vacations in Rome is the Pantheon.
For this monument too , for appreciate it in all its details, it's better to start your visit early in the morning after
have found an hotel accommodation at the Pantheon, becouse as the Colosseum or the Trevi fountain in the middle morning, thousands of tourists are already ready to get in.
Tourists who observes the pantheon for the first time, are strucked by her dome with its 43.3 meters in diameter (the most
largest ever built in concrete) that rivals the height of the building,  it's considers a true architectural masterpiece.
For tourists looking for luxury accommodation at the Pantheon, the Tolentino Suites, offer a beautiful luxury suites
in very competitive prices. And 'in fact, it's considered one of the most prestigius accommodation Near the pantheon.


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