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Accommodation via veneto piazza Barberini Rome

When you walk into the Via Veneto in Rome, come to mind the '50s, when the street was packed with people both day and  night, in search of fame and scandal. Still today, you prefer to find an Accommodation at Via Veneto or the "piazza Barberini" , to relive those wonderful years, the sweet life told by Federico Fellini.
The tourists and the Roman citizens, are still attracted by the locals as Doney, where the guests sitting in the sun, eager to get a chance to become an actor, to play at Cinecitt√† or the possibility of appearing on some magazine.
Still worth a visit and a tempting appetizer.
The historical memory of that period, and remained to this day, in fact anyone who wants to sleep in Via Veneto, prefer find  a luxury accommodation , just down the main street via veneto, or in Piazza Barberini, a short walk before evening, or  for a few hours of shopping.
For a moment you can relive the emotions of that time and hear the echo of noises, voices of the people of the Roman nights past.


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