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A Residence in the heart of Rome

On 21 April 753 BC , Born Rome, 2765 years have passed, from its birth until today, Rome has been, and will be a fixed point in

history and in world tourism.

It is a city that gives you so much, thanks to his past and his story has a 'multitude of monuments and places full of magic, every day brings hundreds of tourists from all over the world, warming the hearts of each one.

Rome offers a wide range of accommodation, where to stay during the visit, many of these are the residences that allow tourists more privacy, more comfort, and good quality level price , making your every need with care, for a holiday immersed in luxury.

You can find different types of residences , small , large , or the suites can be junior or royal; between a standard and a superior course, vary the price but also the comfort and this also applies to different types of suites, all depends very much on the different demands.

Each residential apartment is equipped with luxury furnishings, air conditioning, satellite systems, Internet, private parking, and fantastic terraces where you can see Rome in all its majesty.

The resindece are immersed in the historical center of Rome, antiques, luxury and modernism are usually located in the center in order to reach a short time the historical and artistic treasures of the capital and a short walk you can reach the main shopping streets such as via Condotti, Piazza di Spagna and via del Corso.

A mixture of living art, history, luxury and leisure.


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