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Visiting the Colosseum

Rome offers a wide range of monuments, museums and tourist sites, the Colosseum is the one preferred by most tourists and is assaulted every day by hundreds of tourists, who stay for hours to admire it from outside or visiting him at 'inside. It is located in the hills of the Velia, Celio, Opium and Fagutale, around which we can find the park of Trajan, the great Roman Forum, Circus Maximus and more. The air of the Coliseum and then contains very interesting historical places you can visit during your stay in Rome, they give off an unmistakable magic during the evening visits at nightfall.

After a day dedicated to tourism, it is time to look for a place to take a break or even to eat, even here the Coliseum does not disappoint offering different opportunities, we find the coffee martini in front of the Colosseum, where you can eat being a pizza restaurant. Or you can dine while admiring some of the amphitheater by heading in the restaurant Grillo Brillo. After lunch you can go shopping since, the Coliseum is not far from main streets of the city's leisure.

Let's talk about the Colosseum version "By Night", a fantastic image pierces the hearts of this great view illuminated under the starry sky, which does not move away from this beautiful landscape you decide to spend the night near this great amphitheater, beginning, from 'continue with a cocktail and dinner at the imposing monument.

At Via Capo d'Africa is at our disposal Maud, American bar and restaurant, modern and minimalist environment that offers the opportunity to savor the Italian, Spanish and Eastern Europe.

If you want to enjoy classic Roman cuisine, enjoy a pizza from a wood all accompanied by an excellent wine can not miss the Ragno d'Oro dinner. Throughout the year, but especially in the summer around this fantastic air there are many events full of fun, with music, art, comedy, fitness, food and wine events and more. During the night life you can find many local streets adjacent, side by side. The Colosseum never disappoints, Romans and tourists!



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