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Special Opening municipal Museums of Rome

A fantastic initiative came open throughout the summer the city's museums, with permanent exhibitions and shows held every Saturday night until 3 September from 20.0 hours to 1 .00. The museums involved are: the Capitoline Museums, Centrale Montemartini, Markets of Trajan, the Ara Pacis Museum, Museum of Rome Palazzo Braschi, Museum of Rome in Trastevere, Napoleonic Museum, Museum Barracco, Musei di Villa Torlonia Museo Pietro Canonica Museo Carlo Bilotti, Via Nizza Macro, Macro Testaccio, Museum of Roman Civilization, Planetarium, Museum of Zoology, Museum of the Roman Republic and Memory Garibaldi.

Throughout the summer, locals and tourists can visit these museums on Saturday night, the ticket pagand planned at the museum or museums chosen. Some museums have also joined the initiative in Rome Scene, thanks to this host various events and performances in the ticket purchased for the museum visit will also include the vision of the show or event taking place.


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