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Inn Rome Hotel

When you decide to travel, even for a short vacation, the choice of the accommodation, especially in a big city, is the main research.
This is certainly true for anyone who wants to stay in Rome: inn Rome hotel, with a short walking distance to visit the most important monuments and the most beautiful villas and gardens, makes the tourist feel at ease and after a short time he fits in Roman society.
Finding the right inn Rome hotel, with charming rooms and family atmosphere and modern comforts at affordable prices, is the basis of the ideal stay.
The good character of the Romans and their hospitality can offer to you a pleasant stay even in different periods and not particularly crowded; for example for the entire month of September there is also outdoor events surrounded by nature such as the one at the center of Villa Borghese, the Globe Theatre, a copy of the world famous Shakespearean theatre with the possibility of open air seats and surrounding seats in the auditorium.  When looking up to the sky, during Roman starry nights, you can enjoy really famous "midsummer night's dream"! A five minute walk from the Globe Theatre, you can arrive to the very elegant inn Rome hotel, the Tolentino Suites.


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