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Central Rome Restaurants

Via Veneto is one of the streets of excellence for recreation and fun, for all ages. Many clubs offer the opportunity to make an  happy hour, appetizers, and much more ... But now let's talk about restaurants offers in the famous street  La Dolce Vita.

"Chinappi", was founded in 2006, the excellent recipes of the plates arrive every day from the south of Lazio, fresh fish daily from the Gulf of Gaeta, a few steps from the restaurant it's possible to find the famous Porta Pia . Along the way we run into the restaurant "Gaetano Costa," a small restaurant that serves 55 people but with skill and advance reservations can be up to 70 seats, with the innovative design, where in the lower floor there are  two smaller rooms  for special occasions.

This restaurant is not just for lunch or dinner, but you can also taste different varieties of tea from China, India, Japan and Vietnam, carefully selected by the chef. This spirit is called "Afternoon Tea", takes place from 16 to 19 every afternoon, they can also match the actual paths pastry tasting.

The kitchen in general offers both meat and fish dishes alternative for people with celiac disease. "The Barberini Osteria" is a traditional Roman restaurant, where you can taste all the typical dishes of Roman cuisine in a comfortable environment accompanied by a warm atmosphere of Rome. There are 40 available seats, divided into 3 rooms with air conditioning, background music, Jazz and Swing. Three restaurants offer meals and services of various type, for all tastes, trying everything immersed in the "Dolce Vita" in Rome.


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