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Suites spanish steps

Suites Spanish Steps Rome

Only a few steps from our suites Rome, you can reach the Spanish Steps , one of the most famous Square in Rome. The Name comes from the Spanish Palace,  home of the Spanish Embassy. In the Center of the square you can find the " Barcaccia Fountain" that cames from the first period baroque, carved from Pietro Bernini and his son, the most famous Gian Lorenzo Bernini. This beautiful square is only 8 minutes walking from our suite.

In the right corner of the Steps, there is the house of the famous  english poet  John Keats, who died in 1921. Today his house is a Museum dedicated to him and to his friend Percy Bysshe Shelley. The House is full of books and things coming from the English Romanticism.

In the left corner of the steps there is the Babington's tea room founded in 1893. In our suites you can find all the information for visiting museums, shops and restaurants near the Spanish Steps.


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